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Marine Microbiology (MS 242)

Microorganisms play various important roles in biological and chemical processes in the ocean. This course will introduce students to concepts and tools in microbial ecology, the diversity of marine bacterial groups, and the biogeochemical functions of prokaryotic microorganisms. Offered in the 2nd semester.

Special Topics: Genome Biology (MS 397)

Discussions on current trends in research that look at diverse marine organisms as emerging tools in understanding fundamental aspects of biology, ecology, and evolution. Offered in the 1st semester.

Advanced Methods: Molecular Biology for Marine Science (MS 398)

Fundamental methods in molecular biology and applications in marine science research. Offered in the 2nd semester

Marine Science 1: Oceans and Us (MS1)

An undergraduate course that aims to promote appreciation of the functional balance between the health of the oceans and the survival and improvement of our way of life.

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